I.S. Basoukeas

I was the first guest of this hotel ever. I lived here for about 1 ½ year and I really felt like home. I thank you for the love and family warmth you showed me. I wish you all the success you deserve.

I.S. Basoukeas Lieutenant-Colonel

Sasio Dimitriov

There were dancing events taking place in Didymoteicho from 05/09 until 08/09/1981. The Bulgarian dancing group had the honor of taking part in those events. We enjoyed our stay at the Plotini Hotel through all the days we were here. It is a wonderful modern hotel, with young personnel and excellent service. Happy smiling faces and exceptionally nice people brightened our life during those three days.

Sasio Dimitriov Dimitrovgrad Bulgaria

Maria Aliferi

Big thanks for everything!!!

Maria Aliferi Actress

General Prasinos

The Plotini Hotel is an actual jewel of this distant corner of Evros, and especially the city of Didymoteicho. It is exactly what this town was missing all these years.

Prasinos General

Anna Iasonidou & Spyros Pappas

Didymoteicho has troubled as for many years concerning our accomondation and we had serious thoughts of not including the town in our tour programme. But nowadays, thanks to mr. Chatzigiannoglou’s brave decision, Didymoteicho and Greece have something to be proud of. Congratulations mr. Chatzigiannoglou.

Anna Iasonidou Actress Spyros Pappas Actor & Director

Athanasios Makrogiannis

Congratulations to all who contributed in creating this jewel in our distant Thrace. I also want to congratulate the staff for being so tentative of the guests./p>

Athanasios Makrogiannis Brigadier

I. Palaiokrassas

Thank you for your hospitality and congratulations on you effort at this distant part of Greece.

I. Palaiokrassas Greek Minister

X. Lymperis

Absolutely satisfied by the spacious rooms, the service, and the staff’s eagerness. My sincere wishes for professional fulfillment of this businessman’s expectations.

X. Lymperis General Secretary SY.ETBA

Christos, Giorgos and Elli Linou

A wonderful hotel surrounded by lovely people. You made us feel like home. Congratulations and we wish you every success.

Christos, Giorgos and Elli Linou

D. Avramopoulos

Looking at all those wonderfull comments I will say something different. “Keep it this way so we can enjoy it for many years to come”.

D. Avramopoulos Greek Minister

Vasilis Tsivilikas

During the first days of my tour I feel upon this explicit hotel at a place where I least expected it. And I felt like home. Congratulations to all you wonderful people and thank you.

Vasilis Tsivilikas Actor

French Diplomat

By our meeting here in Didymoteicho and specifically at the cheerful Plotini Hotel, we had the opportunity to reaffirm the excellent bonds between the two peoples of France and Greece. Hurray for Didymoteicho and it’s splendid hospitality!

French Diplomat Consul General of France in Thessaloniki

Vasilis Gkadris

An acquisition for Didymoteicho, a jewel for Thace. With an amazing management and staff team.

Vasilis Gkadris Central Theatre of Northern Greece

Aristotelis Pavlidis

Mr and Mrs Chatzigiannoglou I thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality, and congratulate you on your work. I sincerely wish you the best! Yours truly…

Aristotelis Pavlidis MP of New Democracy

Theodore Stravoravdis

A big thanks to the Chatzigiannoglou family for their hospitality. It would be an omission if I didn’t thank the kind staff of the hotel. Congratulations on this gem you’ve created. Love..

Theodore Stravoravdis Captain

Garyfallos Dimitrios

My best moments in Didymoteicho are connected to the Plotini Hotel. I hope there is a place like this everywhere I go, where you can feel an actual connection with the people.

Garyfallos Dimitrios

P. Fotoudis

In Plotini they make you feel like home, congratulations to mr. Chatzigiannoglou.

P. Fotoudis Βιοτεχνία Κεντημάτων Θεσσαλονίκης

St. Orfanidis

One of the most pleasant stays for the Sports Association of Kilkis.

St. Orfanidis Sports Association of Kilkis

G. Kirkinezis

Bravo !!!

G. Kirkinezis

D. Basilakakis

A job done with zest and imagination. It was a pleasant surprise for us.

D. Basilakakis

Yiannis Kligkopoulos

Simply wonderful – We will come again

Yiannis Kligkopoulos President of the Hospital of Katerini

Maria Theioka

Thank you so much for the exquisite service, the staff is brilliant and the hotel is comfortable. May you always be as hospitable as you are now. Thank you again.

Maria Theioka Treasurer of the Rodolivinon Club of Thessaloniki

Dimitris Psyllakis

Wonderful staff! Everybody is friendly and kind, and the surroundings are beautiful. As for the food, you could almost believe it is homemade, and the prices are reasonable. What I especially liked was that the hotel is quiet and you don’t get disturbed by music or loud voices. The cleaning ladies are very responsible and take good care of the rooms. And the staff at the bar is very accommodating. It is so lovely at the countryside. I am sorry to leave but I am glad for the whole experience. I’ll be coming back at middays for lunch.

Dimitris Psyllakis Corporal

Italian guest

I had the pleasure of staying in this pleasant hotel situated in such a relaxing area. I wish to thank and congratulate the entire staff and management for their effectiveness and graciousness which is in absolute accordance with greek traditions. I hope to return soon for holidays with my family and friends to this magnificent and charming part of Greece. I thank you for your hospitality, until we meet again.

Italian guest Translated from Italian – illegible name

Danish guest

I will say thanks to everybody at hotel Plotini. I have enjoyed my stay here very much, excellent hotel. Everybody helpful and always smiling and I hope the best for everybody in the future! Thank you.

Danish guest

Eleni X

A big “thank you” for everything. The love, the hospitality and above all “bravo” for the hotel.

Eleni X


I was honestly impressed, everything was perfect. Congratulations to all and especially the people who work and make sure the guests are attended to and serviced well. I wish you will keep up with the same diligence and eagerness.



Wonderful hotel, with excellent service, we had a really good time.



Great service and a very friendly and open environment!!! These are people you will enjoy being around. Well maintained AC.