The Byzantine Museum

The Byzantine Museum.
The only Byzantine Museum in Thrace is located in Didymoteicho.

It presents more than 500 findings from the entire area of Thrace.

The exhibitions

  • Communication and transportation network (Egnatia Odos)
  • Housing settlements that existed around these networks
  • Entrenchments and convent settlements • Housing from Plotinopolis to Didymoteichon
  • Monumental topography
  • Church buildings
  • Burials
  • Monuments of water management/distribution
  • Contemporary Didymoteichon and life in the city during the Byzantine and Othoman period

The new museum is a good place to start your visit of the archaeological sites and the monuments of the area west of Evros river.

The Museum’s History The effort of building the Byzantine Museum of Didymoteicho started in 1997 The plans were approved in 1997 and the final study in 2005.

The building was completed in 2009 and the project was handed over to the Ministry of Culture in September 2010. It is located at the center of the city, on a plot of 5.500 m2 bequested by the Municipality of Didymoteicho.

The building itself is 2.470 m2 and as a ground and first floor as well as the basement.

Besides the exhibition area (400 m2) it is still under development in an attempt to create storage areas, offices, laboratories, a hall for cultural events and a separate area for periodical exhibitions.